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      • 2 CPU Cores
      • 4GB Memory
      • 40GB SSD Space
      • 5TB Data Transfer
  • Business

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      • 3 CPU Cores
      • 6GB Memory
      • 60GB SSD Space
      • 5TB Data Transfer
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      • 4 CPU Cores
      • 8GB Memory
      • 80GB SSD Space
      • 5TB Data Transfer
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      • 8 CPU Cores
      • 10GB Memory
      • 120GB SSD Space
      • 5TB Data Transfer



Get on- tap access to resources as your business scales. Adding new servers or upgrading the current ones in one simple click. Pay for what you need by expanding or reducing servers as per the demands of your business.


Your website is hosted on a virtual server pulling its computing resources from the extensive network of underlying physical servers. If one server goes offline, it will have no effect on your website that will pull resources from remaining network of servers.

High speed

Premium hardware, low-density servers and multiple caching layers ensure lightning fast speed. Efficient management of website content enables dynamic content requests to be processed quickly.


The information hosted in the cloud is protected against hardware failure by distributing server data across redundant servers. All data is stored in highly secure Data centres to protect customers’ privacy.


Automated failover

The data is stored on multiple servers. It safeguards the user from system failures if a server fails another server will continue to deliver the services and that too in automatic mode.

Resource management

Get complete control over resources. Scale up or down the resources as per your needs.

Monthly billing cycle

We follow simple and transparent pricing policy where you are billed monthly.

Intuitive dashboard

Manage and track your site’s performance by tracking traffic, load speed, reach and all important metrics.

Integrated caching

Get blazing fast page loads because of our optimal caching configuration, custom-built for speed.

Instant scaling

Upgrade your CPU and RAM easily as your website grows.

DATA Mirroring

Three mirrored copies of your data are automatically distributed across multiple devices to ensure safety and seamless transition in case of hardware issues.

Cloud hosting allows scalability, high flexibility, security, cost effectiveness, reliability, unlimited storage,making it very popular.

Cloud hosting offers a comprehensive range of benefits for your business data and applications, including high flexibility, security, cost effectiveness and unlimited storage.

A dedicated server is exclusively designed to cater to requirements of a single user. It is ideally suited for large organisations that are extremely concerned with security and operate 24/7/365. Cloud servers are popular among small and medium enterprises due to economy and efficiency. These can be instantly scaled up and scaled down according to workloads.

Scaling and utility based billing system make cloud server more advantageous over dedicated servers. Cloud servers can also be configured to get the same level of security and efficiency as that of a dedicated server.

No, our cloud hosting plans include full server management. Your cloud server is provisioned for instant use and includes cPanel quickly and easily manage aspects of your website hosting. You do not need any additional technical knowledge, and UpOne hosting will look after you and your server 24x7.

Our Cloud Hosting plans are designed for scalability. You can quickly upgrade or downgrade the server, it takes only a few minutes. If your site sees large fluctuation in traffic with peak traffic in few months and low traffic in few, then our cloud is perfect. It lets you purchase resources as per your needs and allows you to save money by downscaling when you don’t need resources, without any downtimes of traditional server upgrade/downgrades.

We charge you monthly on the same day of each month based on the day that you signed up with us. The exact amount will depend on the size of cloud server you are using when we invoice you for that month.

Yes! If you have an existing hosting plan or server with Up One Hosting, or you use cPanel based web hosting with another hosting company our team would be happy to help you inmigrating your sites on toUpOne Hosting cloud server free!

Yes, your cloud server will come load with cPanel WHM control panel. It offers extensive features and excellent functionality. All the features will be installed and ready to use on your cloud server.

There is no limit, you can host as many websites as you like. In case the resources of your cloud server are insufficient it can be upgraded or downgraded at any time to suit the number of sites you intend to host.

Reliability and customer service are two key points on which we differ from others. Up One Hosting offers 99.99% uptime and 24/7 dedicated technical customer service, via phone or email. We offer all services under one roof from domain to web development to hosting.

It’s completely dependent on your need. If you anticipate high traffic and scalability where resources are available in real time on demand than cloud hosting is the right choice for you.

We store all the customer data in our highly-secured data centres to provide highest levels of customer privacy. Moreover, all information stored in the cloud is protected against hardware failure by distributing server data across redundant servers.

Any application or service that you wish can be run from your Cloud Server.

The data is stored on multiple servers. It safeguards the user from system failures if a server fails another server will continue to deliver the services and that too in an automated mode so no downtime.

Yes, you can. You can create & manage email accounts from the web-based control panel.

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