Essential Elements of E-Commerce Website Design

A well-crafted e-commerce website gives customers a better experience and potentially lead to more conversions. Your e-commerce store should be designed aesthetically so that it is appealing, engaging, unique and on the other hand offers a seamless experience to your users.

A few design elements play a vital role in designing an e-commerce store that performs well and has high conversion rates.


Clean and minimal design should be the very foundation of your interface. Focus on space, simplicity and typography and include only elements necessary for functionality in the design. Carefully select the colour palette and strike a proper balance between space and content so that users can get more information thus increasing the conversion rate. Another advantage of having minimal design site is that it uses fewer resources and loads faster and allows your user to focus on what you are offering.


Compatibility with all devices and screen sizes have become standard today. With an increase in users accessing sites through mobile devices, the site should be designed in such a manner that it works seamlessly across all devices. Having a non- responsive and slow website will make shoppers abandon your site and you losing business. Make sure when your site is accessed through mobile and tablet devices it looks good.

3. Keep Navigation Simple and Functional

With shoppers having little patience, you are likely to lose customers if there are unnecessary menus, pages and actions. So, make sure the navigation makes it easier for the visitors to find what they are looking for. When it comes to header try to limit it to your company logo, three to seven headers with a few submenus in the initial header that are clearly labelled and a search bar. Follow common design and navigation conventions.

A good navigation helps visitors find what they are looking for and increase the conversion rate.


A clear call to action is essential and the most important part of your site. A CTA lets the user know what to do next and helps move the user down the conversion funnel. Positioning, visibility, colour and text all are important when it comes to creating a compelling CTA. It should be a highly visible colourful button with actionable text that gives clear and direct command of what to do and what benefit will the user get from completing the transaction. An effective CTA can improve the conversion rates.


With a linear checkout process, you can improve your sales by huge margins. One- page checkouts have become a norm now. The steps to be taken to complete the purchase should be clearly outlined. Make sure your checkout page is mobile friendly, has all common methods of payments with security features everywhere, request only essential information and provide a confirmation of completion of the order.

A good site design engages the user, increases conversion rates, and gets return customers. The article here lists many essential design elements but is not exhaustive. There are other features that should also be considered that gives your users a better experience and improves sales.

If you want to build an e-commerce site for your business or update your site, get in touch with our design team.

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